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BCM is an abbreviation for Brian Crawford Memorial. Our Foundation (Brian Crawford Memorial) operates baseball / softball league & tournament play in an effort to raise $$$ for the Brian Crawford Memorial. We award an annual scholarship and are in the process of building a sports complex at Seminole State College in Seminole, OK. We have partnered with the Seminole State College Education Foundation, City of Seminole as well as Seminole Tourism.

If you would like to make a donation please contact me 405-642-9592 or Seminole State College Education Foundation 405-382-9506


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Crawford,

I watched the news last night & I wanted to let you know that it was my family that your son saved. My baby girl & 2 boys were in the car when the accident occurred. It is God’s miracle that we are here today. I was by Brian within seconds. I held his hand for what seemed to be eternity before help arrived. He was so calm & so BRAVE. I just kept telling him he’d be alright & I truly thought he was going to be fine. I prayed for Brian every second. Another lady arrived & held Brian’s other hand & just kept telling Brian to talk to Jesus. She was an angel to me. My hope comes from God’s promise of eternal life. (1 John 2:25) Cast your burden upon him & he will just air you. (Psalm 55:22). My heart is torn as I do not know why the Lord placed me there at that time, or why he sparred my life & my children. I know only time will help less the pain. I am a mother & teacher & I know our children mean the world to us. Please rely on God to carry you through each day. Brian will always be in my thoughts. You will have my prayers for years to come. I hope this letter does not cause you more pain. I was touched by the positive story on the news & I wanted to let you know that Brian was not alone. He is my hero & my angel. Stay close to God & stay in church. If you need someone to talk or cry with, please call.