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December 22-23 Seminole Hoops Classic
1st / 2nd Grade – 12 Minute Halves (2)
3rd / 4th Grade – 12 Minute Halves (2)
5th / 6th Grade – 14 Minute Halves (2)
1st / 2nd Grade:
12 Minute Running Clock. Clock Stops For Timeouts & Free Throws Only.
2 Minute Halftime
Half Court Press
3 – 45 Second Timeouts Per Game
2 Free Throws At 10 Team Fouls
1 Coach Under Goal Side Bench
3rd / 4th Grade:
12 Minute Running Clock. Clock Stops For Timeouts & Free Throws Only.
2 Minute Halftime
Half Court Press
3 – 45 Second Time Outs Per Game
2 Free Throws At 10 Team Fouls Per Half
5th / 6th Grade:
14 Minute Running Clock. Clock Stops For Timeouts & Free Throws Only.
2 Minute Halftime
Full Court Press
3 – 45 Second Timeouts Per Game
1-1 At 7 Team Fouls
2 Free Throws at 10 Team Fouls
Tournament Admission 6U–Free / 7-17 $2.00 / 18-64 $5.00 / 65+$3.00
2 Coaches Pass Per Team
Rules not covered here will revert to our posted league rules.
Overtime: 2 Minute Running Clock. 1 Timeout Per Team Per Overtime. Clock Stops For Timeouts & Free Throws Only.


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League will play OSSAA rules with these exceptions
1. Times: Quarters will be: 1/2 girls and boys-6 minutes
3/4 girls and boys-6 minutes
5/6 girls and boys-7 minutes
Breaks: Between Quarters: 1-minute Halftime-2 minutes
Between games: 3 minutes
2. Timeouts- 4 time outs per game. Each time out will be 45 seconds.
3. Clock stops ONLY on free throws and time outs.
4. Free throws-1/2 and 3/4- there will be no one and one, bonus will be 2 free throws for each foul starting with the 10th foul of each half. 5/6 grade will play OSSAA rules regarding free throws.
5. 1/2 boys and girls league
a. May have a coach under the goal on that team’s bench end.
b. May have one defender outside of the 3-point line all other defense must stay at/behind the 3-point line. Note: Officials may use their judgement to decide if an additional player that came out affected game play. If official decides that the additional player did not affect the game play, he will not call this penalty. This is to help keep games on pace.
c. No press, a team must get back unless it’s a fast break. Note: If the offensive team does not allow time for the defensive team to fall back inside 3 point line, defensive player(s) may play outside 3 point line to prevent a fast break.
d. 5 second lane violation instead of 3
e. If a team is up by 20, all players must stay in 3-point line.
6. 3/4 boys and girls league
a. may press the entire game unless up by 15 no press, up by 20 must stay in 3-point line
b. 5 second lane violation instead of 3
7. 5/6 Boys and Girls league
a. Will Play OSSAA Rules.
b. If a team is up by 20, all players must stay in 3-point line.
7. 2 Technical fouls in a game will result in expulsion from the game. Anyone ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the next game. The gym management, basketball committee, and officials could determine additional punishment.
8. Each player must play the equivalent of at least one full quarter per game during seasons, this rule does not apply during tournament play. If a player is to be withheld for health or disciplinary reasons, the opposing coach and the officials should be notified before the game starts. Failure to comply may result in suspension of the coach for future games. Teams must notify the score table, before the beginning of the 4th quarter, if opposing team has not played a player a full quarter. Failure to notify officials will forfeit your ability to challenge playing time of opposing team.
9. In case of a tie, one 2-minute overtime will be played. During tournaments, additional overtime periods will be played until a winner is determined.
10. 1/2, 3/4 will shoot free throws from 10ft 4 in.
11. The officials can stop the clock if a coach stalls by continuously substituting or other action in order to run out the clock. A technical foul for delay could be given.
12. Coaches must stay at the end of the bench away from the scorer table.
13. For 3rd/4th & 5th/6th grades, the clock will stop on all dead ball situations the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter if a team is up 10 points or less. For 1st/2nd grades the clock will not stop the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, except for time outs and free throws.
15. There will be no protests. All calls made by officials are final.
16. 1/2 girls and boys will play on 8 ft. goals, and will use a 27.5 basketball. 3-6 grade boys and girls will use a women’s size basketball. Do not bring basketballs to the gym on game day. Warm up balls and game balls will be provided by the host gym
17. Once a team in, ANY Age Group, gains a 20-point lead, they must drop their defense back behind the opponent’s 3-point line throughout the 20-point lead. This applies to all grades.
18. Scorekeeper and timekeeper will be provided by the host gym and they must be of high school age. There must be a coach on the bench keeping time of players entering the game. Each team is responsible to report by half time if a player has no entered the game. Individual team bookkeepers must sit on the team bench. Referees will be provided by Tri County to every gym if needed. Each gym is responsible for paying the officials.
19. An official or gym management has the authority to remove anyone from the gym. That person must leave immediately or the game could be forfeited. If a fan is ejected, they may be suspended from further games.
20. No organized cheerleaders will be allowed. All nonessential personnel must be in the stands.
21. Each player as well as two coaches from each team will receive a T-shirt – League Play.
22. Tri County League entry fee shall be $ 50/team (for 2018/2019 only). Players must sign up with a participating complex and complete a player contract form in order to be included on a team roster. Each complex shall establish their own signup fee.
23. A player must sign up with their school if that school/town has a participating league; a child will not be denied the opportunity to play if their school/town does not have a league, they may sign up with the nearest complex. A player may only be on one roster.
24. Tri County will furnish sports accident insurance for each gym used. Each gym shall carry and maintain liability insurance coverage. The Tri County league is not responsible for accidents.
25. Leagues will be established as follows based on grades:
a. 1/2
26. After Dec 15th roster deadline, gifts will be ordered, and copies of rosters will be provided for each complex. (Absolutely No Additions To Rosters After Dec. 15th) If players are not on the official rosters provided to gyms, they WILL NOT be able to participate in games.
27. Each team will have a home (light) and away (dark) jersey or reversible two-color jersey or provide target jerseys. Team jerseys must include a number on the front or back. Team jerseys are not provided by Tri County.
28. A tournament will be played at the end of the season. Trophies and/or medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
29. Each league/individual team will place $100 deposit made payable to Tri County for a cancellation fee. If a team cancels without at least 24-hour notice, the team will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee (per offense). It will be deducted from the deposit that was placed. If no teams have a late cancellation throughout the season, the $100 will be returned. You may cancel as long as there is a 24-hour notice before your game time to allow the director time to find another team to play in the cancelling teams place and will not be subject to fee.
30. Each site is report scores by the end of the day (Saturday) on Tourney Machine.
31. Any issues are to be reported to the local director who will then report to the Tri County Director.
32 Admission charge will be the same for each complex. 12 and under–FREE 13-17—$2.00 18-59–$3.00 Seniors 60+—$2.00
33. Tournament Admission 12U Free—13-17 $2.00 — 18-62–$5.00–62+$3.00