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1st & 2nd Place Team Rings
Team Rings Can Be Purchased For Teams Not Placing Top 2 In Their Division

BCM Sports Phil 4:13 Team Rings

***FREE*** Each year in (Wellness Center) Magnolia Park in Seminole, the town comes together to put on Snowman Wonderland. See over 120 individual light displays that set the evening sky aglow! Take a tram covered in lights around the park to view the sights or walk the path on your own. Fri/ Sat/Sun 6P (Dark) – 9P

BCM Sports – Seminole Hoops Classic December 21-23, 2018
Payable: BCM Sports (Fee: $25)
When: December 21-23, 2018
Where: Wellness Center – Seminole, OK
Divisions: 1st/2nd Boys (8′ Goals) –3rd Grade Boys – 3rd/4th Grade Boys – 5th/6th Grade Boys
1st & 2nd Place BCM Sports (Phil 4:13) Rings

Seminole Hoops – Grey 100% Polyester